Allergy Friendly Products and Snacks

(Products free of egg, dairy, and nuts)

Made Good Granola Bars, granola, cereal 

Gerb's dried fruit, granola mixes

Enjoy Life cookies, bars, seed mix

Divvies cookies, popcorn, cupcakes

Skinny Pop Popcorn (non diary variety)

Oreos cookies (regular&  double stuff)

Cherrybrook Kitchen cake, brownie, and pancake mixes

Jennifer Lee's Allergen Free Bakery Boston Public Market

So Delicious Brand Coconut ice cream (shares equipment but tests, so we trust)

Wow Butter


Yum Earth fruit snacks and candy

Surf Sweet candy

Annie's Homegrown bunny fruit snacks

Free 2b suncups

Dole Fruit Cups

Doles Fruit Snacks

Budget Saver Popsicles

Good Pop Organize (Only)

No Whey Chocolate Bunnies, candies

Abe's Muffins 

*Please note that these products are ones that we are comfortable giving our child based on her particular food allergies and level of reaction. Please feel free to contact the company yourself to learn about manufacturing practices, in order to inform your own comfort level. Your child may react differently to these items based on his/her own allergies.